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Bruxie has reimagined the American comfort classic Chicken & Waffles to create an entire menu of bold, fun and totally unconventional waffle sandwiches, righteous chicken tenders and artisan custard shakes! Scratch-made sauces, high-quality fresh ingredients, handcrafted and made to order… These are promises we can make because they are promises we can keep.

We’re committed to quality and passionate about our craft, creating culinary processes for both our chicken recipes and our waffles – to the extent of commissioning the build of a custom waffle maker to achieve a delightfully light and airy texture with a crispy finish. Simply put, nobody does waffles better than Bruxie.

The Bruxie experience is designed to make you happy. From the exceptional food and service inspired by good old Southern hospitality to vibrant restaurant decor, upbeat music, and overall good vibes. We invest in the best people and processes to ensure our guests always have a memorable visit.

When crafting our menu, we aim for that perfect bite experience. Our food has layers of flavor and super satisfying textures: crispy, juicy, sweet, spicy and savory all rolled into one. And the chances are good that if you love the first thing you try at Bruxie, you’ll love the next one too. Even our house-made sauces are next level! You don’t have to take our word for it, just head to your nearest Bruxie where resounding “Mmms” fill the restaurant.

Bruxie is meant to evoke feelings. We love our brand and want to imbue the same feelings in others. When you hear “Let’s go to Bruxie,” you immediately feel excitement for what’s to come! And shouldn’t we all have that feeling as much as possible? Bruxie is a place for friends, family, and just treating yourself to a really delicious meal. Life is short, so eat the food that makes you happy with the people you love!

Our Team