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Welcome to Bruxie Rewards!

Bruxie Rewards is the NEW rewards and loyalty program for Bruxie, effective September 12, 2023! With Bruxie Rewards you can earn Bruxie Bux on all of your eligible purchases at Bruxie restaurants in the United States, and you can spend your Bruxie Bux on rewards for free Bruxie items in the marketplace. And you can earn your way toward more benefits at higher Bruxie Rewards loyalty tiers! 

Sign up today by texting "Bruxie" to 43618, completing your registration at or downloading the NEW Bruxie app:

Bruxie on the iOS App Store

Bruxie on the Android App Store

Download the Bruxie app and join Bruxie Rewards today! Learn more about the new program in our Bruxie Rewards FAQ below.


What is Bruxie Rewards?

Bruxie Rewards is our new guest loyalty program. It’s easy – when you sign up, you will get free tots or custard and get a free shake or mix-in on your birthday (customers must link a credit card to your account upon signup to get these rewards). You can order eligible purchases through your Bruxie app account for “Delivery” or “Pickup” dining (where available in select Bruxie restaurants).

When you are a member of the new Bruxie Rewards, you will earn one Bruxie Buck for every dollar you spend at Bruxie (terms apply - see below). You can redeem your Bruxie Bux for free Bruxie food and beverages through the rewards marketplace in the Bruxie mobile app. In addition, you can accrue more benefits as you earn more Bruxie Bux and reach rewards tiers (see more below!).

What is happening to the current rewards program? If I am a member of Bruxie's current rewards program, what should I do?

The old Toast Rewards program will end on September 11, 2023. Bruxie Rewards will be the new program beginning September 12, 2023.  Current rewards point balances from Toast Rewards will be converted on a 1:1 basis and transitioned to the new Bruxie Rewards program. Existing rewards program members will not lose their accrued points, but will continue to benefit from them in the new program!

Importantly, current rewards program members should sign up for the new Bruxie Rewards program using the SAME PHONE NUMBER they used for their account in the former rewards program. This will ensure that their current rewards point balance transitions to the new Bruxie Rewards program.

How can I sign up for the new Bruxie Rewards program?

  • Text “Bruxie” to 43618
  • Complete registration in web browser at or 
  • Download the Bruxie mobile app to your mobile device from the iOS App Store or Android App Store.
  • If you already have an existing Thanx account, you will be prompted to sign in via a magic link to your email address. 
  • If you are a member of Bruxie's old rewards program with Toast, please use the SAME PHONE NUMBER to register for Bruxie Rewards when you sign up to ensure your rewards balance transfers from the old program to the new one.

What are the Bruxie Rewards tiers?

Crispy Crew
Sign up for Bruxie Rewards, link your credit card and get:

  • Free Custard or Tots Reward for signing up
  • Free Shake or Mix-In Reward for your birthday month
  • Exclusive news, announcements & invites
  • Terms & conditions apply

Bruxie Bold
Spend $300 before the end of 2023 and get:

  • All the Crispy Crew benefits
  • Free Drink Reward applied automatically to your account every month over the next 12 months
  • Terms & conditions apply

Clucking Elite
Spend $600 before the end of 2023 and get:

  • All the Bruxie Bold benefits
  • Get a Bruxie Clucking Elite Hat to show you are clucking great!
  • Top 100 users at the end of each calendar year participate in a drawing for a Bruxie Catered Party for 20 at your home
  • Terms & conditions apply (see below)

Does my tier status expire?

Once you reach a tier, you will maintain that status for 365 days. However, your spend progress towards tier status will expire at the end of the year. Your tier progress will expire at the end of the calendar year if you don’t reach the next tier by 12/31. 

For example, if you’ve spent $250 by the end of December and not reached Bruxie Bold yet. On January 1, your spend progress will go back to $0 and you will have to spend another $300 in order to get Bruxie Bold.

Do my Bruxie Bux expire?

Your Bruxie Bux will expire after 12 months of account inactivity.

Where can I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your Bruxie Bux for rewards through the Bruxie mobile app, online and in-restaurant. Rewards cannot be redeemed on third-party ordering sites (e.g., Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, etc.).

Which Bruxie locations participate in the Bruxie Rewards program?

Bruxie Bux can be earned and are redeemable for purchases of food and beverages online or at any participating Bruxie location in the United States.

Will I earn Bruxie Bux on delivery orders?

No, Bruxie Bux are not earned when online orders are placed with a third-party delivery service provider (e.g., UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, etc.) for pick-up or delivery. However, Bruxie Bux can be earned when placing your order for pick-up or delivery at or on your Bruxie mobile app.

Will I earn Bruxie Bux on other non-food purchases?

Bruxie Bux are only earned on qualifying food, beverage and gift card purchases made at participating Bruxie locations in the United States. Points will not be earned on the following at this time: Bruxie merchandise and catering orders, taxes, and fees.

How do I redeem rewards?

Bruxie Rewards is configured for both online and in-restaurant redemption, which means you can redeem rewards if you place an order through the Bruxie mobile app, online, or visit a Bruxie restaurant in the United States. 

For online and mobile app redemption, you will…

  • Add items to cart
  • “Apply reward” from the cart
  • Check-out
  • Discount will be applied automatically

For in-restaurant redemption, you will…

  • Select the reward you want to redeem in the Bruxie app.
  • Select ‘Redeem in store”, confirm “Are you ready?” and the 60-minute countdown timer will begin.
  • You will have 60 minutes to show the reward to the Bruxie staff member at the counter.
  • The Bruxie staff member will then add the discount to your in-store check.

Can I participate in Bruxie Rewards if I want to dine-in only?

Yes, you can use Bruxie Rewards as a dine-in only guest. You do, however, need to download the Bruxie app, sign up for the program and link a credit card for loyalty to earn loyalty progress for each dine-in purchase you make. 

If you decide to link your card, our system will automatically recognize you as a loyalty member just for swiping your card during your dine-in visit. 

If you don’t want to link your credit card, alternatively, you can upload your dine-in receipts via the receipt upload tool on the app to earn Bruxie Bux and progress towards Bruxie Rewards tiers.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes. The sign-up reward (free custard or tots) expires 30 days after earning it.

The birthday reward (free shake or mix-in) expires 30 days after earning it.

Some rewards in the marketplace will be available for a limited time, which will be stated on the reward.

Can I use multiple rewards at once?

Our current policy limits you to one reward redemption per purchase.

I redeemed a reward, where will I see my discount?

You will see the amount of the discount below the Subtotal of the order on the Checkout screen.

What are the terms for my free shake or mix-in birthday reward?

Offer valid for one (1) shake or mix-in for dine-in or take-out. No purchase necessary. Valid for 30 days after your birthday at any Bruxie in the United States. 

Redeem at, the Bruxie mobile app, or show your offer to a Team Member at the time of check out in the restaurant. To redeem online or mobile app, add Reward to your cart and apply reward at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer has no cash value and is not valid with third-party take-out services.

How can I win Bruxie catering for 20 people at my home?

The top 100 loyalty members at the end of each year at the Clucking Elite level will be entered into a drawing to win catering for 20 for a party at your home (or a place of your choice). The top 100 Clucking Elite members are determined by calendar year (January – December) based on overall total spending through the Bruxie Rewards loyalty program at Bruxie restaurants. 

Results will be communicated to the winner in January for the prior year via email. Catering must be used within a 15-mile radius of a Bruxie restaurant and will have a maximum value of $500.  The drawing is to win free Bruxie catering of food and beverage only for 20 people and does not include any other costs or coordination for the winner’s event. Those will be the sole responsibility of the winner.

Why can’t I link my credit card for in-store purchases?

When you enroll a card for in-store purchases we send the card number directly from your phone to the card network (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and they enroll it. They then notify us that your card was enrolled (they don’t send us the card number itself).

When you attempt to add a card, it’s possible that the card network will reject it, and the messaging returned as to why can be somewhat vague for security purposes. Here are some reasons that may result in your card being rejected:

  • Your card is already enrolled. This often happens when two people share a card. It also often happens when you already have an account (for example, you signed up a month or two ago and then signed up again accidentally). If you suspect you may have two accounts, reach out to our support team at
  • Your card has expired. If your enrolled card has expired and you try to enroll a new card with the same card number, your new card will be rejected. Once you remove your expired card from your account, you will be able to enroll your new card.
  • Your card is not supported. We do not currently accept Discover cards or Apple Cards. Some Visa, MasterCard, and Amex cards may be rejected if they are pre-paid, corporate, or issued outside the US. This isn’t up to us; it’s the policies of the card networks. If you use a card that you are unable to enroll to your account, please submit your receipts through the app and we’ll make sure to credit your account.

As always, feel free to contact our support team for assistance at or seek assistance in the support section of the Bruxie mobile app.

How do I add or delete cards for in-store purchase?

To add a new card or to delete your linked cards, open your Bruxie mobile app. Go into the menu in the upper left corner and find the ‘Registered Cards’ section. Click on ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner and from here you will be able to delete your linked cards. Click on ‘Add a new card’ at the bottom of the screen to add your card. You can either scan your card for quick linking or you can manually type in your card number. This can only be done in the Bruxie mobile app.

Do you store my credit card information?

No. We neither store nor see your credit card information. When you link your card for in-store transactions, your card number is encrypted and sent directly from your phone to Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx. They mark your card as enrolled and send us a notification when you use it to make a purchase at a Bruxie location in the United States.

When you make a digital purchase, your card information is stored in a payment vault for re-use on future orders. It is stored in a manner – tokenized and encrypted – that is unreadable to Thanx – we do not see or know your card number. When you use that card to make purchases, your card is sent securely from that vault to Bruxie’s online ordering platform for processing.

Do you share my personal information?

No. We don’t share your personal information (your name, your email address) with anyone. Please see the Bruxie Rewards privacy policy and Bruxie's full privacy policy for more information.

Will you contact me via text messaging/SMS?

If you previously consented to text messaging/SMS communication via participation in our former loyalty program with Toast Rewards, we will communicate with you via text messaging/SMS about Bruxie Rewards. For more information, see our mobile terms of service.

How do I change my email/password for my Bruxie Rewards account?

The app uses a passwordless log-in experience, so you do not have a password to log in. To change your email address, click the menu button in the top-left corner of the main screen and then click ‘Account’. On your account page, you will be able to edit your email address.

Who powers the Bruxie Rewards loyalty program and mobile app?

Our Bruxie Rewards loyalty program and mobile app is powered by Thanx. View the Thanx Terms.

How do I share feedback on my Bruxie order?

To leave feedback for your in-restaurant purchase or purchase made through the app, you can click this link to complete a short survey, or email us at